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Welcome to the Skytel Travel Card Website


The Skytel Travel card is a low cost travel card sold by airlines and the travel industry that enables customers to make low cost calls back to their home country from any phone.

NEW ! FREE Smartphone APP, download the " SKYTEL DIALLER " for Android or iPhone for FREE and make calls from ANYWHERE in the world from only 3c/min.

Customers can avoid paying mobile roaming charges, expensive hotel charges, and there is no need to pump coins into payphones, or use expensive SIM cards.

With rates as low as 3c/min, you can save up to 80% on international calls while travelling. Most all using the Skytel Travel card is easy, and rechargeable online 24 x 7. 

Save even more - Use our local access numbers in your home country -  so you can make calls from your home phone when you return with rates from only 5c/min.

E-mail: support@skyteltravelcard.com

Phone: +353 1 686 0392

USAToll Free from USA: 1 866 865 9296

UKToll Free from UK: 0800 901 2994